The Royal Commission held its first round of hearings on Wednesday 25 January 2023 and Friday 27 January 2023.

The purpose of these initial hearings was to build a picture with respect to current early childhood education and care in South Australia along with a consideration of the impact of early childhood education and care on child development.

Witnesses and submissions

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Wednesday 25 January Friday 27 January

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Wednesday 25 January - Morning sessions (PDF, 658.5 KB) | Afternoon sessions (PDF, 647.1 KB)

Friday 27 January - Morning sessions (PDF, 535.3 KB) | Afternoon sessions (PDF, 501.4 KB)

Hearing topics

Evidence was heard on the following topics:

  • Session 1: How are SA children going overall? How are they going in the early years?
    Witness: Associate Professor Victoria Whitington, Child Development Council
  • Session 2: What are the key inputs to changing a child’s development outcome?
    • Dr Rhiannon Pilkington, BetterStart, University of Adelaide
    • Professor Sally Brinkman, University of South Australia
    • Dr Hayley Guiney, University of Otago
  • Session 3: What do we know about the state of South Australia’s ECEC sector?
    Witness panel:
    • Gordon Combes, The Briars Preschool
    • Jane Lemon PSM, Citron Early Childhood Consultancy
    • Catherine Cavouras, Taikurrendi Children and Family Centre
  • Session 4: What do we know about how ECEC can support child development?
    • Associate Professor Brigid Jordan, University of Melbourne
    • Professor Iram Siraj, Oxford University
    • Professor Sharon Goldfeld, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
  • Session 5: A panel to discuss the history and key innovations in South Australia’s preschool system.
    Witness panel:
    • Professor Sandie Wong, Macquarie University
    • Associate Professor Victoria Whitington, University of South Australia

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